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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

Fukushima USA

(Steve Key)
February 4, 2012
Fukushima USA
by Steve Key
©2012 Steve Key Songs BMI

Right between SF and LA
California’s greatest getaway
Come to visit, come to stay
In Fukushima USA
Hot tubs, new age retreats
Restaurants on Avila Beach
Diablo Canyon just out of the way
In Fukushima USA

Why gamble on the Vegas strip
When you can take the ultimate risk
Everybody comes to get their kicks
Party like it’s nineteen oh six

Local wines by the bottle or taste
Pools filled up with nuclear waste
Nowhere to send it, so it’s here to stay In Fukushima USA
The sunshine and the skies so clear
How could anything bad happen here?
That’s what the Japanese used to say Now it’s Fukushima USA

They had reactors built by GE
All the latest technology
A nineteen foot high seawall
Wasn’t much protection at all

But don’t think about that distant land
Things are safer here than in Japan
Relax and sip a little chardonnay
In Fukushima USA

Might be a couple of fault lines
Just off the coast but we’re doing just fine
PG and E says we’ll be all right
‘Cause we’ve got government oversight