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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

Lou Mars (A Perfect End for a Rock and Roll Drummer)

(Steve Key)
August 19, 2011
Music by Steve Key, lyric by Steve Key and Lou Mars
The song is an adaptation of Lou's blog:
Lou Mars (A Perfect End for a Rock and Roll Drummer)
by Steve Key & Lou Mars

Laying in the ICU
Playing back what I’d just been through
Sore and numb from the seven-hour surgery
Fighting these angry thoughts
Why didn’t God finish me off?
I should’ve been another highway fatality

Going out doing what I love the most
Riding my Harley up the coast
What a perfect day in the California summer
Just when you feel love fading away
That’s the right time to leave the stage
What a perfect end for a rock and roll drummer

The Life Flight EMTs
Had a body bag ready for me
To their surprise I was still alive and kicking
All the staff say I’m lucky too
But I’m a drummer who can’t walk or move
Lying in a room watching the wall clock ticking (to Chorus)

Remember the Six Million Dollar Man?
Rebuilt after an epic crash
Call me the Six Million Dollar Drummer
In my wheelchair by the bay
Maybe by fall I’ll be ready to play
Rolling through my days in the California summer (to Chorus)