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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

I Woke Up

(Steve Key)
I woke up

I woke up in a basket on the water
Not sure what was happening with me
I was a baby floating in the marshes
Then a boy heading fast downstream

CH Don't tell me where you've been
That's all ancient history
Just tell me where you are right now
And where it is you want to be

I woke up on the Mississippi River
Free and fearless like Huckleberry Finn
I felt an angel riding on my shoulder
Followed the devil into New 'Awlins (CH)

I woke up on a 707
I didn't know who was flying that jet
I let go of my fear and my freedom
Buckled up just like the stewardess said (CH)

I woke up on a beach in California
I looked out over an ocean of blue
Part of me wanted a wave to come and take me
But I kept walking back home to you (CH)