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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics


(Steve Key)

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Grace (by Steve Key ©2009)

Grace is a woman on the silver screen
Grace is a dancer moving magically
I've heard the talk of God's grace
But I know that word from a different place

What he called me
Most unkindly
He laughed right in my face
And called me Grace

I wasn't the star of the baseball team
I played right field in the little league
I'd finish last when I ran the race
Trip and fall over my own untied lace

With my bloodied knees
He stood over me
Hissing in my face
And called me Grace

I've stumbled through the years
And sometimes I have succeeded
Others have encouraged me
And that was all I really needed
When he took his final breath,
I was right there by his side
With my mother and sister
I was numb but never cried

If I could hear his name
And not feel such shame
If forgiveness took its place
I would call that grace