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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

Wind Chimes

(Steve Key)

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Wind Chimes by Steve Key ©2008

These days I can't tell anymore
If it's the highway I hear or the ocean's roar
They both send the winds to my door
Listen to the wind chimes

It's a short walk from my front door to the sea
But most nights I sit at home by the TV
On the front porch it's a symphony
Listen to the wind chimes

Sometimes I think of taking them down
Late at night when I can't stand the sound
When the blues torture me
And the last thing I need
Are those sweet little chimes all around

You came to town on a warm, spring wind
You talked to me like we'd always been friends
I could hear a new melody begin
It sounded like wind chimes

Walking together and taking in a show
Laughing and kissing in the very last row
Holding you in the full moon's glow
I could hear wind chimes

Then we're talking long distance over the phone
As you tie up some loose ends at your former home
You tell me you miss me
It's been cold and windy
But that afternoon on the patio
You could hear wind chimes

I hear the ocean and that highway whine
Sending the wind through those silly little chimes
But now they bring you to my mind
Sweet wind chimes