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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

Dream Song

(Steve Key)

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What would you be if you could be anything?
Would you be a teacher? maybe The President?
Or nothing at all? Or something different each day?
What would you be if you could be what you dream?

I had a dream last night I was climbing a mountain
I was alone and I had no sense of time
I didn't stop and ask, was this the right mountain?
It was just what I did -- climbing in my dreams

Where would you live if you could live anywhere?
In a big bright city, or a small friendly town?
Or far out in space where the stars go on forever?
Where would you live, if you could live out your dreams?

I had a dream I was flying over the ocean
Seeing places I'd only seen on TV
I didn't live anywhere, I was free as the highway
That's where I lived -- flying in my dreams

Who would you love if you could love anyone?
Would you love someone young, rich or beautiful?
Or someone you loved once, and wished you could start over?
Would you still love me?
Or even yourself?

I had a dream I had a love who really knew me
Then I woke up and you were by my side
And when you smiled I knew I had not been dreaming
'Cause that's who you are, the love of my dreams

But what would you be if you could be anything?