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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics


(Steve Key)

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Crawford ©2005 by Steve Key

You can sit at home with the dog days blues
Watch the war on the TV news
And believe there’s nothing you or I can do
Or you could come on down to a Texas town called Crawford
There’s a woman there who has lost her son
In a Middle East war that never can be won
Let the president rest in the Texas sun
Or you can fight for peace and disturb his sleep in Crawford

He said that danger was imminent
He said September the eleventh, we knew what that meant
He said Mission Accomplished, he said it was money well-spent
If you believe he’s wrong
Come and sing your song

You can’t know the suffering, you can’t hear the bombs
But it sure sounds a lot like Vietnam
The death toll rises, we’re told it must go on
If you disagree, then you need to be in Crawford
Casey Sheehan was 24
Killed in Iraq in 2004
His mother just wants to know what for
So she pitched her tent by the president in Crawford

Rosa Parks got on a bus
And she sat up front for all of us
Now it’s Cindy Sheehan in the Texas dust
Drawing quite a crowd,
Getting mighty loud

Black or white, red or blue
Shiite or Sunni, Christian or Jew
Stop the war, and find some common truth
Stop the lies and start asking why in Crawford
Come on down to a real friendly town called Crawford