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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

We Harmonized (for Anne Sucher)

(Steve Key)

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by Steve Key (c)2006

We had some conversations, we walked around the pond
I thought I scared you off, maybe I came on too strong
I borrowed your guitar and we spent the afternoon
Trading songs and stories in your second story room

We shared a microphone that night at the café
You laughed about my words, but you sang them anyway
And that one time, one time, we harmonized

It's that moment I remember, it's as close as we would get
Weaving our two voices in an intimate caress
But I only had that moment, you were off to other things
While I sing my song alone, my memory hears you sing

And it sings on every chorus, riding high on my melody
Not the voice of angel, but one who knew the hard road like me
And that one time, one time, we harmonized.

I've been sifting through my memories, listening to old songs
Ever since I got the news your sweet harmony was gone
I thought I saw the sadness you hid behind a smile
Maybe you'd have told me more if I'd stayed around awhile

I put a final verse to that blues song that we wrote
This time I didn't argue about how you said it should go
Because one time, one time, we harmonized