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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

Ree & Bull

(Steve Key)

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Bull was dating Rose Marie, known to all as just plain Ree
Ree had a friend named Greta who was flirting with Bull
Ree went off to visit her mother
Bull and Greta got it on with each other
Ree came home and saw it all in full:

It was Bull, Greta, Ree
It was Greta, Ree, Bull
It was Ree, Greta, Bull

Sharon and Sherrill, an adventurous pair,
Decided they wanted a man to share
So they set their sights on this mountain man named Ike
Arm in arm, all three on the street
The women the bread and Ike the meat
A love triangle that everybody seemed to like
It was Sharon, Ike, Sherrill
It was Sherrill, Ike, Sharon
It was Sharon, Sherrill, Ike

Sometimes three is Shangri-La
Sometimes it's menage a trois
Sometimes it's just one before
Someone comes and makes it four

Ree and Bull got back together
Bull proposed, Ree said whatever
So one night in Reno, Ree and Bull got hitched
They honeymooned at the Club Sahara
They met this couple named Lee and Tara
They partied all night until everything got switched
It was Bull, Tara, Ree, Lee
It was Lee, Bull, Tara, Ree
It was Ree, Lee, Tara, Bull