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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

If You Can Walk

(Steve Key)

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Music by Steve Key, lyrics by Steve Key and Tim Mathews ©2000
Her brother says there’s no talent in the family
Her sister laughs each time she sings off-key
She’s full of hesitation, a little girl’s frustration
Then her mama says “Come here and listen to me:”

CH If you can walk, you can dance
If you love you can find romance
If you can talk, you can sing
If you believe, you can do anything

She’s married now to a man with two left feet
Says he’s tried and tried but just can’t feel the beat
So she holds his hand to her heart
Says “Try this beat for a start
And I’ll tell you what my mama said to me:” (to CH)

Just free that melody inside of you
If I can do it, you can do it too
Just silence those old voices
And make some brand new choices
It’s easier than counting one to two (to CH)