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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

Broken Branches

(Steve Key)

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©2000 Steve Key/David Mallett
I called you on the phone, I heard you say hello
In that voice that's still a lot like mine
We haven't talked in years for reasons never clear
But one word from you and I go back in time

CH: Broken banches of our family tree
Severed long ago by you and me
I am reaching out again but it's so hard to mend
These broken branches of our family tree

So much we could say, but so much in the way
That neither one of us knows where to start
Remember you and me and how it used to be
How strange that we should grow so far apart (to CH)

We should put the past aside, we could see more eye to eye
Let's not let the fates decide how the story ends

It happens every day, people move away
And all you get from them is Christmas cards
I guess that's how it goes, but I want you to know
That in my life you'll always have a part (to CH)