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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

Scatter Seeds

(Steve Key)
Steve Key

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SCATTER SEEDS (By Steve Key ©2000) These songs are like houses on the wrong side of town Priced right for the market, but no buyer can be found I fill them up with furniture, I build them strong and safe But if it's only about the money, I'd rather sell real estate These songs are my children who've all grown up and moved I gave them up for adoption on 16th Avenue But I see them every Thursday night when I sing real good for free If it's only about the money, I'd rather raise a family Long ago I took a road heading out of the Silicon Valley In a '68 Plymouth Valiant headed up Interstate 5 And I could've made a good living back home in the Silicon Valley With a home in the Santa Cruz Mountains Singing someone else's life These songs are my garden I planted in my soul I keep them here inside me so they can't die from the cold The dollar bills on the branches are all overgrown with weeds But if it's only about the money, I'd rather Scatter seeds