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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics


(Steve Key)
Music by Steve Key, Lyric by Steve Key & Ann Wertman (Anna Prince), adapted from her poem "When I Met You, You Were Yellow"

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Ann and I met at an open mic I was hosting in Vienna, VA. We tried the usual co-write, sitting a room together and brainstorming, but got nowhere. Then Ann said she had some poems, perhaps one of them could be adapted into a song? I loved her poetry, and "When I Met You, You Were Yellow". I worked on it by myself one Sunday morning in 2003, then played it that afternoon for Ann, who approved. We sang it together than night at the Frederick Coffee Company in Frederick MD. We performed several times at other venues. Been a few years since I've seen Ann, but through the magic of Facebook, I can see she's in Northern Virginia teaching at a college.  Here's the original poem which I adapted to the lyric:

When I met you, you were yellow

by Ann Wertman


When I met you, you were yellow

Blinding as the sun's rays on morning dew

I was green

New and tender like the spring

You smiled at me and I became pink

An embarrassed rose, unfolding slowly

But you stayed blue

A lake without a ripple

While my hue deepened before your eyes

With your love I was red

Always burning, even in the night

And for me you were purple

Royalty without a crown

For a time, brief but precious, I was gold

It filled the space around me

As if I were a bonfire

Blazing through the chill of darkness

But you turned off the light

And left me black

The thick, suffocating smoke

That remains when the fire is gone

Now I see that you were always white

Devoid of color and cold as ice

v.1 New and tender like the spring I was open to everything I was green, so green You smiled at me and I couldn't think I must've blushed a perfect pink Like a rose, unfolding slow

ch You were Golden And you made me shine And I thought that you were mine For a brief but precious time And I was Golden too Golden, like you

v.2 You were silent, strong and deep A lake full of mystery You were blue, so blue And I was burning with your love Every night, never enough Burning red, oh so red (to chorus)

v.3 But then you turned out the lights And you left me in the night It was black, so black No more fire, only smoke No more colors when I woke Only white, cold and white (to chorus)