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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

Between Trains

(Steve Key)
September 26, 2016
Steve Key

Actual New York City subway busker. Bass: Dennis Pearne, Percussion: Mark McColl.

Recorded between November 1987 and June 1988 at George Trapani's studio in Seaford NY, Slope Sound in Brooklyn (Gary Cuzio, engineer), and Splice of Life, Brighton MA (David Zuckerman, engineer).

Between Trains
Between Trains, she was playing her guitar on the platform
She hangs out her name on a cardboard sign
Then she waits for the jangle of the quarters and the dimes
Between Trains
And the echo fills the station with her song
Her voice carries out from a speaker at her feet
While her eyes dart about for some other soul to greet
Who’s Between Trains
And the subway cars come thundering down the line
They drown out her song for a moment or two
But she wades through the crowd
While she waits for her cue
Between Trains
She looks over her shoulder for the time
Then she explains every song
Like she’s singing in some bar
Like these people are her following
Come to hear the star
Who’s Between Trains
Between Trains
She packs it in and starts to head for home
For the music and the money she will sing another day
Until that train of opportunity
Comes to take her away
Between Trains
Singing Between Trains, Between Trains.