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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

The Chinese Embassy

(Steve Key)
October 1, 2012
Steve Key

The Chinese Embassy (by Steve Key ©2010 Steve Key Songs BMI)


At the Chinese Embassy, doors are open for you and me

Handiwork on display that the proud Chinese have made

Toys and blenders, shirts and shoes

At an embassy right near you


You don't have to be a diplomat to get in where the deals are at

In the global economy you don't have to have democracy

Low prices are what we need -- it's deep discount diplomacy


Those big box stores used to say

Proudly made in the USA

When did they trade our flag

For Made in China tags

Let bygones be bygones

Forget Tibet and Taiwan

Chairman Mao, Tiananmen Square

History--who cares?


At the Chinese Embassy--they got jobs for you and me

Smiley faces working hard – but don't ask for a union card

You want health care benefits?

You ought to be working for the government


Charles Dickens would not believe conditions in those factories

Teenage girls on assembly lines, making ipods and Calvin Kleins

Long days and nights for pennies a day and a bowl of rice

Cheap goods at the price of dignity and human rights


How can I say this diplomatically?

We're all buying into slavery

You can't blame the proud Chinese

For American hypocrisy

So shop for you but not for me

They've got nothing that I need

At the Chinese Embassy