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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

Things Could Be Worse

(Steve Key)
August 1, 2012

Things Could Be Worse

I’m feeling old but they call me middle-aged
Got a lot of pain and my hair has all turned gray
Feels like my body’s rusted through
And my old car is rusty too
But I’m still driving, not arriving in a hearse
Things could be worse

I’m feeling blue but at least I’m not in the red
I’m feeling poor but I got more ideas in my head
I don’t need a lot of stuff
One good guitar is enough
This old flat-top and a laptop to write my verse
Things could be worse

Shipwrecked on shores of paradise
Somehow you and I manage to get by
A lot of love and a little bit of money
A little bit more would be so nice, honey

Finding a job is like finding the fountain of youth
Trying to get paid when my only trade is singing the blues
I got a voice that’s ragged but right
I got more songs I want to write
And I’m progressing to see it’s a blessing and not a curse
Things could be worse