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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

Seeing You

(Steve Key)
August 1, 2012
Steve Key/Craig Louis Dingman

I would love to hear this with a jazz combo -- piano, sax, upright bass, maybe a string section kicking in halfway through.

I'd be out on the town
Knockin' 'em down
Laughin' out loud with my friends all around
I'd be out on the town, it's true
If I wasn't seeing you

I could sleep at night
I could feel all right
I could stop asking why to the moon in the sky
I could sleep the whole night through
If I wasn't seeing you

I'm seeing you
With your someone new
And I see you smile
Like I haven't seen in awhile
I'm seeing why
You had to say goodbye
But as you turned to go I knew
I'd be seeing you

Every show I see
On the late night TV
Seems to be about you and me
Doesn't matter which show I choose
I keep seeing you