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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics


(Steve Key)
August 1, 2012

from KC Turner's songwriting challenge, writing to the title "Somewhere the Sky is Blue".

"Confluence (Somewhere The Sky is Blue)
by Steve Key ©2012

I had a percolator on my desk
Working with a part-time receptionist
I was the editor of the St. John's weekly news
Birth announcements, high school sports
Filling the pages with local reports
Then going downtown to hear Robert Cray play the blues

Your brother tells me you're married
And you're playing in some weekend band
And he says that's all I need to know right now about you
And the years flow down the Columbia River
In a confluence of time
And the rain doesn't care that somewhere the sky is blue

I never moved anywhere for the weather
I just drove until I ran out of gas
Food stamps and unemployment checks would get me by
Michael will probably never forgive me
For the six weeks I crashed on his couch
That was my start in Portland,
and I thank him for saving my life (to CH)

You would probably be disappointed
If we met after all these years
I still lack ambition and I don’t have a lot of plans
I pictured you living in Walla Walla
Husband named Paul and a lover named Paula
Happy as a Burnside bum with a shopping cartful of cans
(to CH)