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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

My Father's Tea

(Steve Key)
August 1, 2012

Yes, this happened.  Summer of 2000 in DC.

My Father’s Tea

My father drank Lipton’s tea, with lemon and honey
He wouldn’t try herbal tea for any kind of money
To England and Ireland he went with my mother
My father brought Lipton’s tea, he wouldn’t have any other
My father’s tea

I was working a temp job in the capital of our nation
The job was processing dental school applications
I didn’t know about dental schools, I don’t care what it takes
I just opened up the envelopes and I took a lot of breaks
Drinking coffee and tea

The coffee was Folger’s or some other bargain brand
So I drank the hot chocolate when the cold days began
Three months went by -- I drank up everything they had
And every time I had a Lipton’s, I always thought of my Dad
My father’s tea

They ran out of hot chocolate, they ran out of tea
Even all of the herbal stuff -- my father would be pleased
As I opened up the day’s mail, making temp job money
I was wishing for a Lipton’s with lemon and honey
My father’s tea

One of the envelopes was thicker than the rest
So I opened it slowly and laid it out on my desk
There was a Lipton’s tea bag with no explanation
Right there in the middle of a dental school application
My father’s tea

I wouldn’t call it a miracle, I can’t explain it at all
But I saved that teabag and I hung it on the wall
No one would believe it, but I swear it’s a fact
That a Lipton’s teabag showed up like that
My father’s tea