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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

Letters You Don't Send

(Steve Key)
June 2, 2012
Steve Key
Originally released on "New Hope" (Local Folkel Records 1990)
Recorded and mixed at Splice of Life, Brighton MA, June '89 to January '90
Produced by Darleen Wilson, engineered by Coleman Rogers
Dobro: Martin Grosswendt
In the letters you don't send
I hear the voice of an old friend
And I'm smiling with every line
How you're finding your new home
How your adopted son has grown
How everyone is healthy and doing fine

In replies I never write
I recall the times we'd fight
Over politics and money I wouldn't lend
When you didn't show on my wedding day
I forgave you anyway
'Cause you explained it all in that note
You didn't send

In a time not long ago
I believed us to be close
And I saved up all those letters from you
Back when you used to call
You would hardly talk at all
But in those letters
You would always come through

So I'm sending out this song
For the days that last too long
Between the times you don't write and I don't reply
For in those letters you don't send
I can hear you say again
There will always be love between the lines
There will always be love between the lines