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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

Portland Rain

(Steve Key)
May 31, 2012
Steve Key Songs (BMI)
Originally released on "New Hope" (Local Folkel Records 1990)
Recorded and mixed at Splice of Life, Brighton MA, June '89 to January '90
Produced by Darleen Wilson, engineered by Coleman Rogers
Drums: David Patt
Bass: Richard Gates
Piano: Josh Rosen
Harmonies: Janet Feld, David Holmes

The other side of "The Other Way" -- sitting in New York missing the Portland girlfriend. The last verse is the closest to true. I later realized that rain falls down harder in New York. In Portland, it's more of a constant drizzle.
I see a couple dancing in the living room in a passionate embrace
I hear angry accusations then see tears upon her face
Laughter sometimes sounding like children at play
And the silence hanging in the air when there were no words to say

But the sweet and tender moments
Kept their minds off of the pain
While their love fell down so hard
Like the Portland rain

In the shadow of the mountain
He thought he'd finally found a home
In the warmth of her arms
He thought he'd never be alone
But the wheels were set in motion
And the hearts began to stray
And home was once again someplace
Much too far away

So he left for another city
On the next departing plane
While their love fell down so hard
Like the Portland rain

Now by chance while she's out walking
She'll run into his old friends
She just shrugs and gives an awkward smile
When they ask her how he's been
And some mornings she'll be humming
An old forgotten tune
Then remembers it was one he wrote
That night in the living room

Sometimes she's glad he left her
Though the memories remain
Of when their love fell down so hard
Like the Portland rain