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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

New Hope

(Steve Key)
May 31, 2012
Steve Key Songs (BMI)
Originally released on "History Lessons" (2001)
Recorded and mixed by Mark Stacy, Nashville TN

The lyric for this song went through several changes since its debut on the 1990 New Hope CD. This version from History Lessons is closer to the way I sing it now, but I do miss hearing the full band and harmonies on the chorus. I wrote it at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas, wanting to have a new song to play around the campfires in 1989. I didn't know much about recovery programs, and certainly didn't know that many of them have the name New Hope. This song got me invited to a festival in Worcester MA called Sober in the Sun, where I learned a whole lot more about 12-steppers. I'm glad the song inspires them. It's much more optimistic than I usually am.
My old house is all boarded up
I packed what I needed in a pickup truck
And I’m livin’ in New Hope now
Lost my wife but I didn’t care
All I could see was my own nightmare
But I’m livin’ in New Hope now

Yes I’m living in New Hope -- I quit walkin’ that tightrope
And I’m takin’ a true road leading to New Hope

v. 2
My lover was a bottle that talked to me
It said “I’m gonna keep you good company”
But I’m livin’ in New Hope now
Yeah, I used to sing “Two More Bottles of Wine”
Now I say, “One Day at a Time”
‘Cause I’m livin’ in New Hope now (to ch)

And I look at my old friends — they’re killin’ their time
On homegrown grass and supermarket wine
All of their California dreams, they get left up on a shelf
But I walked away, I said I gotta face myself…sometime!

So now I’m takin’ it easy, takin’ it slow
Knowin’ I still got a long way to go
But I’m livin’ in New Hope now
Hey, I’m gonna win, I’m gonna lose,
I’m gonna write my share of the blues
But I’m livin’ in New Hope now (to ch)