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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant

(Steve Key)
May 31, 2012
Steve Key Songs (BMI)
Originally released on "New Hope" (Local Folkel Records 1990)
Recorded and mixed at Splice of Life, Brighton MA, June '89 to January '90
Produced by Darleen Wilson, engineered by Coleman Rogers
Bass: Richard Gates
Violin: Matt Leavenworth
Thanks to Anne Tyler

The title is from Anne Tyler's novel. I sent her the New Hope CD, and she wrote a nice note back, saying she liked the song about her novel, but liked "Letters You Don't Send" even more. I loved her novels and treasure the two handwritten letters she sent me. My song included a bridge, but I'm glad we used Matt Leavenworth's solo instead.
Hearts come alive when you touch them with your smile
It's a simple trick you've played so many times
But in the middle of the night you took that smile anyway
Now is there someone you've been missing?
Something you'd like to know?
Is there someplace you've been meaning to go?

Come have dinner at the homesick restaurant
There's always room for you
One empty chair through all these years
Oh if you only knew
But love was a gift you let slip away
Maybe it's not too late

Your children pretend you're just on the road again
They turn to schoolyard games and their friends
And mother holds a secret she will keep until the grave
Though she tries to be the strong one
Days pass without end
And your letters make her bitter once again


Now there's time to turn around
And come back to your town
For a visit to a final resting place
And there's time to face survivors
Who have carried on your name
For there is someone they've been missing
Someone they hardly knew
There are answers that are carried home with you