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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics


(Steve Key)
Steve Key

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(thanks to the Rev. Al Sharpton for President website for inspiration)

What if your town wasn't in a state, wasn't in a county
But in its own little place
And there wasn't much money for your roads and your schools
And the leader of your town said wasn't much he could do

(chorus) 'Cause you're living in Washington, DC
It's kinda like living in a colony
And yet they call it the Capital of the Land of the Free
It's a capital crime, Washington DC

Maybe it's too liberal, maybe too Democrat
Maybe it's too poor, maybe it's too black
But the people work hard and they fight in the war
And they pay their taxes, and they wonder what for
'Cause you don't get a star in the field of blue
Nobody in Congress has got a vote for you
They give you a Delegate and she sits in the House
But she doesn't get a vote, so they shut you out (to chorus)

Six hundred thousand people in limbo in DC
While we go over the ocean preaching democracy
We fought for independence over a tax on tea
We said "Taxation without representation, that's just tyranny."

Maybe you've been there, and you walked around the Mall
Went to the museums, stared at The Wall
Upon the Capitol Steps, you saw all there was to see
Well, you might've seen Washington but you don't know DC
Think about your town, and your roads and your schools
Think about your taxes, and who votes for you
If you've got a Congressman, why not drop him a note
Ask about those people who don't get a vote (to chorus)

(end) Kinda like Puerto Rico -- a territory
It's a capital crime how they treat the people in DC
I think they oughta have a vote (not a stadium) in DC